21 Faces of Newroz

On the 21st March, the people of Kurdistan welcomed the year 2714 and celebrated the first day of Spring, it is on this day that hundreds of thousands of Kurds take to various beautiful locations across Kurdistan for the annual sayran (picnic). The picnic that takes place on the first day of the Kurdish New Year, is an occasion that represents the celebration of spring with love and joy in the company of friends and family. This year, I found myself amongst thousands of Kurds who turned to the stunning city of Dukan, home to the largest lake in all of Bashur (South Kurdistan).  It was in Dukan, that I met my twenty-one faces of Newroz, each with their own interpretation of what Newroz meant to them. Whether they are students, musicians, teachers, housewives or retired men – the twenty-one portraits of the Kurds below represent diversity through a united occasion. Regardless of how different in age and personality the Kurds in this piece are as individual’s, they each represent a united attitude towards the importance of celebrating Newroz.

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