Bye Bye Bayan Xan

Photo credit: The Times

A few months ago Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman, the high representative of KRG to the UK, announced that she had been assigned the KRG USA post.

In the grand scheme of things, this move will greatly benefit the KRG, but for us in the UK, it came as sad news as we say goodbye to a prized figure in our government.

She is an incredibly valuable asset, especially in terms of; professionalism, lobbying and progression of the Kurdish question. For the past 10 years she has represented the Kurdish Regional Government in the UK with a charming manner and intelligence, portraying the Kurdish community in a very positive light.

She is always articulate and well-spoken with a calm and poised exterior, consistently holding her own in debates, and boasts a wealth of important links and contacts across the country.

Her greatest feat came in 2013, where through her influence and others; the Al-Anfal campaign was officially recognised as genocide by the UK parliament.

UK Kurds, regardless of political party affiliations and parts of Kurdistan, are regretful that we have to say goodbye to her. She is a remarkable Kurdish woman and one of the most talented Kurdish politicians in the world.

We are always quick to criticise our politicians, but rarely do we commend them for their work- I believe this is one of those rare times they deserve our praise.

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UK Kurds are grateful and she will be sorely missed, but we are left asking the question; is there anyone that can fill the ladies shoes?