Kurdish Hunger For Freedom

Adelaide Kurdish Community Protest in solidarity with Hunger strikers in Turkey
“We are here today to protest in solidarity with the 10,000 Kurdish political prisoners in Turkey who are on indefinite hunger strike for freedom and peace for the Kurdish people.  They are intellectual and educated citizens who are being held because of what they believe and stand for. 
Today is the 59th day, that they are on hunger strike and there is only so long that the body can go without food, and they could potentially die within days.
We condemn the silence of the international community, We condemn the silence of the international media, We condemn the silence of Australia . Where is our Justice? The humanity of every single one of us is under question the longer these prisoners have to suffer for basic human rights that we take for granted everyday.
Be the voice of the voiceless. Don’t be blind to the injustice which the world and Australia supports! Stand up for the rights of the entire human race.”