Unity Video

When I was brain-storming ways in which I would approach the Kurdish youth community here in Adelaide to inspire and motivate the youth to get involved in establishing a youth group, I was completely at loss. For many years the starting of Kurdish youth groups has occurred but never conjured up to anything. The biggest problem was the small community we have and the large dis-unity. So I sat down and thought about what inspired me, what motivated me to get involved with the Kurdish cause and that is when the idea of a unity video struck me.


I approached #TwitterKurds in the social networking site Twitter and asked for Kurds around the world to send in clips of themselves speaking about their opinion on why they believe it is important for Kurds outside of Kurdistan to be united and active within their communities. As the idea grew in my head I then thought the video could also work as a global motivator to promote unity and activism among Kurds around the world.

The #UnityVideo showed me that unity on a global scale is possible because no matter who you are or what you do we are all striving for the same thing.: Peace and Freedom for our people. I hope that those of you that watch this video strive to connect more with Kurds around you no matter who they happen to be and for those of you that already do reach out further to Kurds around the world. When we all connect for a cause, even something as little as this video, the outcome is amazing.

To all those who contributed to the video, from the deepest roots of my heart I thank you. When the video aired the room fell completely silent to listen to the messages from around the world.

The launch of our Adelaide Kurdish Youth Society was a complete success and to our absolute joy completely exceeded our expectations. We only expected a turn out of 30 people with 15 youth to sign up for membership. We ended up with over 60 attendees and over 30 membership sign-ups. I am very proud of the youth in Adelaide for taking the time to come along and support our event and to those who signed up. I hope together we can make a difference.

Here are some photos from tonight’s event: