A Free Kurdistan

“The man is a bridge not a goal,” said Nietzsche, I say I am the bridge to my goal, a free Kurdistan. Neither do I feel like a nationalist nor a patriot at this very moment when I write down the word ‘Kurdistan’ but rather the feeling that there is something there, somewhat I have been searching for my whole life, which is hidden by the enemy, by those who rather kill and deprive others of the very essential rights, the right of existence.

My unconscious has made my life into a struggle which is filled up of nightmares, the nightmares of being lost, for not belonging to anywhere or anything. I have found myself more linked to the revolutions in Latin America leaded by Che Guevara, I suffered with what happened to Lumumba in Congo, I have felt really bad for people who I never met, to whom I shared nothing except being both human.

But now I have waken up, I have finally woken up to find my-self in a coma, a coma created by monsters around me, I am being held down even in my coma, because they are frightened that I will shake them away from my limbs, limbs that are being held down by chains created through hundreds of years of torture, of barbaric acts towards me.

I don’t believe in miracles but it’s almost one if I still exist. How can someone who has been denied existence still exist, what am I? How have I been formed? By what? Would I have been like this if I had another path, another history?

Questions are many, and become more and more, sometimes it take time for every question to pass by, before the next starts, they almost stay in a queue, all demanding to be answered merely because that is what they are for, So does Kurdistan need to be answered.

To be a Kurd is one of the toughest forms of existence, I could not exist as any other form so I can’t say the toughest of all forms of existence.

Imagine yourself being caged in a barrel, the lock put on and there only a tiny hole left for you to just see but never be able to interfere. After some time , you start to accept that the barrel is the reality, you lose track of thinking, you see the world through that tiny opening and you lose yourself because you want to survive.

Then they bring you out of the barrel and give you a name, a religion, they give you ideologies, they tell you how to dress, what to eat, how to speak, they totally brainwash you to not only to mis-recognize your origin but also to dislike and hate it and do your best to keep yourself away from it since you almost become disgusted when they mention your origin. They have taken away your consciousness completely and replaced it by a total mess, a delusion. 

That’s why I remained in this nightmare, in a sub-everything, I believed myself to be worth less, look worth, I believed myself to not exist but only exist because they gave me the chance. Some would say that they play God, because your existences are their profits.

Well I woke up, because I have been seeking, wondering, reasoning. I became a question and I started to answer myself, and so does Kurdistan need to be answered. I believe it’s time for us to build our bridge to that goal, go beyond what they have made of us, put aside what is not us, to completely reject anything that moves us away form a free Kurdistan, whether its God or human made.