Newroz is the symbol of struggle and resistance
For a nation deprived of freedom and peace;
The desire to create a New Day
In a country by force divided, 
In darkness for years.
Newroz is a page of world history 
Forged and locked behind iron gates;
For the Kurds a book written by sacred blood
Scattered over every corner of a land
Where pure white snow begins to melt in March
And the yellow bright sun of Zoroaster in spring
Turns the land of the Medes into a green carpet.
Newroz is the fury of those massacred in Ararat;
The cries of those in Dêrsim burned in closed caves;
The sighs of mourning mothers and wives
Whose husbands and sons were hanged in Mahabad;
The agony of the five thousand gassed in Halabja;
The pain of the two million fleeing tyranny.
It is the aspiration of three million Kurds in Syria
Waiting for the dark night to give way to the light. 
Newroz is the living dream of those who died
So that others may live free;
The return of the sun;
The defeat of darkness;
The hope for a better tomorrow
In Kurdistan: Homeland of the Kurds.

– Shahînê Bekirê Soreklî 


Poem by Shahînê Bekirê Soreklî

Nivîskar, perwerdekar û rojnamevanekî kurd li Australya.
Australian Kurdish writer, journalist and educator.