Every day the Four would rise with the glowing sun that brightened their mornings with its light. The four children lived happily and free with their mother, who had been left to raise them on her own with the passing of her husband. This she did not mind much, for all she dreamed of was their happiness and success. Day and night, as she would watch them rise and drift off to sleep, she would imagine their lives as grown women with households of their own.

The girls would pass their days perched on the mountains of their beautiful land, singing songs of their rushing springs, the greenery of their forests and the majesty of their mountains. It seemed as if they were in paradise itself. They were nothing short of content and overjoyed with the reality of their lives.

Tales of their beauty and that of their land were sung by all who had come to know of them. In the West and Far East, kingdoms and empires heard of the beauty of the Four. Women were envious of them and men became immediately mesmerized by them. There was not a soul who did not know of the Four.

On the eve of the Spring Equinox, before the 21st of the month, the mountains of the Four were invaded by a cruel enemy. The enemy came with a vast army of countless men, of weapons that were alien to the land and of a hatred that would engulf the soul it would seek to crush. The four girls, who had now matured to brave women, could not understand the concepts of hatred and occupation. These foreign notions would not settle in their minds and in no way were they prepared to live under this tyranny.

Love, freedom, peace and beauty were all they knew and they were ready to defend their land with their lives. They were prepared to stare death straight in the face.

And so the enemy encroached further on their land with the passing of each day, and in response the women would drive them into retreat. Their hearts were weary and distressed, but their bodies and minds would not give in, no matter what was thrown at them they were determined to stand their ground.

Their mother grew tired of the constant conflict that her beautiful children were dragged into and decided that she would put an end to it. While a battle ensued between the Four and their enemy, their mother snuck away without their notice. She thought to meet the enemy face-to-face and negotiate a treaty to restore peace to the land.

When her eyes met with those of the enemy her heart sank and she knew that evil was staring right back at her and into her soul. She took a step back and began to regret leaving her children to make a deal with the devil, but it was too late. Without noticing it, her life was ended and her soul drifted from her corpse. She watched with disgust as her body was mutilated and thrown back to her daughters.

Overcome with grieve and stricken with sadness, the Four circled their mothers body and wept, tears flowing like the waterfalls of their land. Their weakened state gave the enemy the upper hand and soon the Four were defeated and captured.

The Four were so breathtakingly beautiful that no matter how the enemy devised their execution, they could not carry it out. So instead it was decided that each would be separated from the others and chained in perpetual imprisonment, never to be reunited. Four chains bound each one to her prison and she was in great distance from the others.

Today the Four continue to live separated and imprisoned. Many attempts were carried out to free them from their bondage, but after each their disappointment and loss grew. They continue to patiently wait for the Spring Equinox, for the New Day, when all four of them will be united as one and inherit the name of their martyred mother, Kurdistan.