After you, the words became homeless…

After you, the words became homeless. After you, the words, one by one left home, wondering in the streets, here and there. On each corner of a street you can see a exhausted, hungry completely lost word, with a cane on their aged hands, torn clothes, tears in eyes, an a little baggage with all their belongings on their back trying to find a place, a home, for the night,

The darkness of the night, the cold air, the cruel winds don’t leave them alone. They are hurt, and they are lost in their own shuttered into pieces world. While the rain still pouring down, and the last word leaves and closes the door behind, making sure no one is left behind. She leaves the place where she had been created and lived for so many moments, moments that had made up her life. This simple word had been everywhere, where you were, for example that morning when you and me had our first breakfast up the hill,when you were exhausted of the up going and I told you that I can carry you, or that moment when you became angry and left with tears in your beautiful eyes, after we had quarreled. Yes, she had been there each time we were, even when we were not together, she was there, Waiting for us to allow her once again get a chance to show herself.

Without you every word became sad, their existence became meaningless. Each one sitting some where on a dark street, with a bent back, fallen down arms , with a dry mouth and tired eyes, with the rain pouring down on their already tired body, waiting for a miracle, for you to find them, to take them back home, where they had been created, where they felt they meant something, were part of some one, where they could breathe, where they were never sad.

They don’t recognize me any more, I simply have changed, I never give them the opportunity to exist, you see my dearest, with you I was all that I never am now, and never will be, with you I had a wish to never fall asleep, I had a wish to never wake up so that I could be with you, you see my love, I simply existed by your thoughts, no matter asleep or awake, I was there when you thought about me, and I know you thought about me a lot, because I was because of your thoughts.

That word was still sitting, with her aged, ached back, sunken eyes, leaned back on a wall, some where very near your place, she is still waiting there, for you to come out, to give her a hope to stay in life, to not vanish, or just end her life. Do you remember what word is she? You see my dearest; she will die without you.