My neighbours are making a ruckus

I hate waking up to unexpected noise that is new to me, from hammers hitting nails, drills screaming into a wall or those irritating couple’s that keep shooting bullets at each other.

It seems that my neighbours are having arguments, well to be fair their pretty much punching the crap out of each other. Which is to be expected when one is trying to patronise the other in a not-so quiet manner. I hear the most stupid of allegations sometimes.

Now I want to tell you their story from the beginning, which believe me is a long and bitter one, yet surprisingly they haven’t parted with one another, yet.

Their current marriage began some time ago. Some strange visitors forced them into a marriage and to live next to me, which of course I objected to – I was promised otherwise.

At the beginning of every marriage things seem to hold up, its new, it’s exciting and in all honesty they seemed somewhat happy. That didn’t last long of course, they picked fights with each other over reasons very childish.

You could say, one wanted to live differently than the other- which is normal for most couples as no one is the same, but they began bonking at each other over who is the better of them. This marriage had feuds over who gets the money, who gets the proporties, I guess they had been going through a divorce for a long time…things weren’t still finalised yet.

Their history has been a very vengeful one, as they cheated on each other, they picked fights with other neighbour’s and they even broke each others belongings.

I myself have had a long and depressing time living next to them, they had even tried to bully me to move, or just to disappear. They have stolen from me, burned my backyard, they have harassed my kids and even my friends and families living next to me.

Last night before I went to bed, I had a good feeling of how my future would look like, I smelled roses. I thought I would wake up and it would be different, that I could finally ignore them and be at ease, to just focus on the rest of my day without their interference.

Well that didn’t happen. I woke up to their noise and screams, they were having a major fight. This was nothing like other times before, this was hectic and just plain hurtful. It seemed that one of them had somebody over for dinner, and they were actually planning to get the whole house or maybe put up a wall and isolate the other.

I wasn’t very shocked of these events because one of them was being really mean lately, more than usual. I don’t really want to get in the middle of this, because in the past I have fought with them and it hadn’t solved my situation. So the visitor which was invited around began  banging on my walls, it actually was trying to get in my house. Now i’m never the one to attack, but now i have to get up and try to fortify my walls so i could be left alone.

I’m getting really tired of their problems, and I have ordered some fortification materials for my walls. If they won’t finalise their divorce, then i just have to build a wall that is bigger and stronger.

Now don’t get me wrong, im not running away, i just want the best for my children and their future. I don’t want to wake up every morning with a headache, I need to get to work to feed my family and children.

I hope that my delivery will come soon, but I will keep you all updated.

Peace and love,
Basur Kurdistan

ps: the photo above is beautiful, thats why im showing it to you.