Have You Found Your Miracle?

Have You Found Your Miracle?

A Personal Reflection and Tribute on the First Anniversary of My Graduation

One of the most joyful moments in a person’s life is their university years. We often remember it and laugh at the moments that we cannot forget and sigh for the moments that passed quickly. What made my university days so special was meeting “A Kurdish Person from the West”, a person who could make me smile through her spontaneous communicative skills (there is a meaning behind every smile) and her natural talent of teaching; a person who made me re-consider the concept of friendship and that everyone has a unique personality.

After two years of study at university, I almost lost the pleasure of schoolwork. In fact, I was struggling to spend the time quickly and go back home. I was trying to unlock my ability but there were many reasons holding me back. The road was terrible and I was surrounded with people who did not have what I wanted—I am a curious and ambitious person by nature.

I was desperately searching for like-minded friends and teachers or actually anyone who could teach me a lesson through a smile. I wanted to find someone who could really appreciate the little things that we don’t usually appreciate. I wanted to achieve positive relationships based on friendly and productive discussions in and outside the classroom. I was desperately searching for colleagues with charisma and a magnetic personality to negotiate appropriate prospects of each other and settle our differences. I was hunting for anyone who could tell me something different—who could welcome different thoughts. I was searching for something I did not know before, something shocking; something that would blow my mind away. In short, I wanted a dramatic change.

I knew the right time will come to me to fly but I was getting impatient like a caged nightingale hitting his body whenever ‘he’ tried to go against the stream and break the padlock. I forced myself to break it and breathe in good thoughts and breathe out irksome thoughts. Unlike other caged nightingales, I was getting nervous and was trying to find a way to sing my songs freely. I was told that my voice is different—yet unappreciated. I had to discover a way to make my voice heard or wait for a miracle to empower it, by writing new poems with the most beautiful words and expressions and creating novel rhymes out of them.

When the right moment came, I knew it was a start of another life of a different kind; when the miracle arrived in the shape of a human, I discovered that I need to be more nervous, have more doubts and re-question my perceptions of the little unappreciated things of life—for I see wonderful images out of those little unappreciated things. Actually, unlike most people out there, I love to be nervous—I am more imaginative when I get more nerve.

I refused to give up to boredom. With her arrival and after two weeks or so, I started to observe the sky more closely and listen to the sound of the rain beating the ground with passion. I decided to hold a notebook and jot down whatever comes into my mind at anytime. I watched people closely and started to doubt their common opinions. I found out that I could only get some knowledge through education and get some wisdom through my personal experiences and interactions not only with people, but also via other animate and inanimate objects. I became more stable emotionally and physically. I got a deeper understanding of other little things such as reading and enjoying my personal notes—for they reflected my perceptions of people and the world.

You are a soft spoken and gracious Kurdish lady with the most sophisticated traits, like modesty, humbleness, shyness, gentleness, and innocence—yet intelligent and thoughtful, traits that we as Kurdish people would love to see in a lady.

One of the greatest lessons I have learnt from this “Kurdish Miracle from the West” is: everyone can have different opinions and every opinion is respected and worth noting, even if the opinion is cheesy.

Thank you Avan from the core of my heart, you’re the best of the best and the most beautiful person inside and outside that I have ever known. You are my very favorite teacher and most respected individual.
I have found my miracle and I hope you find yours, too.