Relentless Zephyr

Relentless Zephyr

Suffused in a crimson flood amidst pale, still faces,
I danced amongst a relentless zephyr.

A presto of odourless vapours in symphony with the wind,
Composed silent roars, that began to settle me in.
Whispering hymns that left life lingering, I led my own requiem.

Softly inhaled cloud motifs, rhythmic in numbers,
Sheltered my lungs and swallowed me whole.
I waltzed in crystal clear flames before the final curtain call.

Lyrics that spun melodies of a trembling ballad,
Deafened cries of a village petrified,
As spring welcomed songs of genocide.

I wrote this poem in remembrance of the suffering endured by the victims of Halabja on March 16th 1988.