The Raindrop

Something changed, he started to feel how his hand started to feel numb, he could feel how the numbness started on the top of his fingers and spread millimeter by millimeter towards his heart.

He felt how this numbness was killing the hearts beats slowly, with each one not letting them to complete their very short existence.

He didn’t feel his heart any more, but he was conscious about this, the heart beats were gone, as if they never existed.

He was feeling as he always did, the feeling had liberated herself from the heart beats, a bigger power had made the feeling to find, to become something else, to not surrender to that numbness, to not let the heart beats death become her own disappearance.

The numbness had almost reached his brain when he suddenly opened his eyes and he closed them shortly thereafter, am I dreaming, or is it really true, could this be possible, then he opened his eyes again and there she was, once again, standing right beside him, touching his hand, and that’s when he realized where the numbness came from, he had lost control over his own feelings, he had lost his heart, it was hers, not his anymore.

It belonged to some one else, some one better, some one who was like no body else, some one from the skies, some one who was part of the tiny shining stars, some one who had been there, who was, some one who was life itself, in its very pure form.