The idea of freedom comes up often. Yet, if we do not have a common definition then the word alone has little meaning. Within this article, I will explain my definition of freedom and how it affects ones self.

It is important to understand that the essentials of freedom are self-control ( being your own person). In a free and democratic society, every person has legal control of their own body and mind. They have ownership of self. It is the idea of having equal empowerment which means that each person should have equal distribution. Freedom entails equality, no one person can have more rights then another. The principle of self-control lets us use the mechanism of self-defence because it empowers us with control over self.

I love freedom, and I refuse to change my mind on support of freedom. No matter how you feel about freedom now, I encourage everyone to support it more. We should resist those who urge to place limitations upon it.

Since freedom also entails political equality, logically freedom implies same rights as others. In a free society, no one can have more rights than another. For example, in the case of Kurds, freedom does not include the torture of individuals by enemy countries. A better example is in the case of Halabja. In March 1988, Saddam Hussein cruelly took action upon harming the Kurds by using chemical weapons, attacking the town. The mustard gas mixed with a variety of chemicals killed 5000 civilians instantly; including many women and children. Therefore, Freedom does not include the legal right to harm people against their will because freedom includes the right to not be harmed. Primarily, a free person has the ability to do whatever he or she wants insofar they do not harm others against their will. Sadly, Iraq was governed by the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein who did not care for anyone else but himself. Kurds were being oppressed by the government in all aspects of life, but this principle of self-control has allowed us to the right to self defence. Kurds were powered and supported by other Kurds to help fight the regime. This is a great example of not having control over self or future.

The future of the Kurds was looking promising with the fall of Saddam Hussein. It was just a little over ten years ago, in 2003, where the status of Saddam Hussein in central Baghdad was torn down while being taped for the international community to observe. It was the moment where the people of Iraq, Kurdistan and the rest of the world to witness the end of Saddam’s Ba’athist regime. It was a beginning of new era of democracy for the people. Did it happen? Was this a reality. I remember I was out grocery shopping with my mother when we got the news. Yes, my life was going to change among many other Kurds. It was a relief. It was one of the best days of my life. With that being said even till today we still do not have complete fairness, because we do not have equal fairness in the unions such as the government union. The largest danger to political freedom is the concentration of power; measures of power are in the hands of a small number of individuals which allows them to intimidate others.

Freedom in our daily life is crucial as it aids us in the process of choosing right or wrong (the free will to make those decisions). However, needless to say we can aid our friends or family assist to make right choices. Freedom is important, it allows one to act upon choice, it allows you to have your own opinion and that you can share that opinion with other people if they do not agree with. Our lives would be different without freedom as we may known from Kurdish history.

These days, people take for granted what our ancestors worked so hard to provide for us. They had great determination along with the single goal which was to bring Kurdistan Freedom. Freedom can mean different things to different people because we are all different being, and the term ‘freedom’ has a different definition for each person. When I read or see in the media how many leaders, Peshmerga, and families from the past have continuously fought to bring us our freedom I feel proud and amazed. It shows a sense of hope, and commitment that we will never give up on our homeland for generations to come.

Being a Canadian citizen and residing in Canada, sometimes I take freedom for granted and do not think of all the little things that I get to enjoy because I am free. When you stop and think about how different life would be without it, it makes you very thankful to live here and enjoy the promise of freedom. In that note, I want to stress the importance of not forgetting where you have come from; the rich history, language, and the beautiful culture. For all the men and women who fought for my freedom I do greatly appreciate you and what you have sacrificed for me and the people of Kurdistan. To me ultimately, freedom is a promise that I can live my life.

In terms of being who you are, freedom is being able to be who are and do what you want. Being true self is what life is all about. There may be people who will like you and others will not. It is vital to recognize that doing what you want is a part of freedom. No one can make choices for you and you should stand up to those who dictate upon you. Freedom is a precious thing. It will allow an individual a chance to grow to become everything they know and wish they could be. It gives hope for opportunities, gives confidence, and inspiration. To be without this freedom is being without dreams. Without the possibility of striving for the best and achieving the highest goals, would leave a mere life limited of opportunity. It gives us the uttermost chance to be all we can be. Lastly, I will leave you with Aristotle’s quote, a wise philosopher who said “you will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of mind next to honor.”