Microsoft surface RT: A revolutionary breakthrough

The new Microsoft surface RT is a revolutionary breakthrough by Microsoft. Yes it may be their first computing product in the market; however it blows away most tablet producers like apple and Samsung. With windows 8 implanted into this device it makes it one of the most simple but most graphically stunning devices on the market. There is even a new Microsoft store implanted into this device; however the application count is only just above 5,000. This is due to the new release of the product; however I am confident that the Microsoft market will reach above 100,000 applications in under a year.

The Microsoft surface RT comes with an NVidia tegra 3 cpu clocked at 1.3ghz, however it does go up to 1.4 GHZ when running light applications. Yes this isn’t a very beefy CPU however the Microsoft surface pro will come out soon, that will be running an Intel core i5 CPU with Intel HD 4000 graphics. The surface has a 10.6 inch display with a 1366 X 768 IPS display and comes with magnesium casing.

The Microsoft surface is $499 for the 32 gig model and $599 for the 64 gig model. However if you wish to buy the touch cover it will cost another $100. The touch cover is much like the ipads’ magic cover; however with this cover you can type. Yes it is a keyboard, the Microsoft surface’s touch cover is amazingly build, it has no membrane keys, instead it recognises when you have touched the letters. Most other companies who have tried this have produced dodgy products that don’t work well, however Microsoft has mastered it and made it almost perfect. The touch cover feels and types amazingly and is definitely worth the extra $100.

On the body of the surface we have a port to connect the tablet to the keyboard, a charger port which is magnetic, a front facing camera and a back facing camera. The camera isn’t amazing quality however the back facing camera is angled 20 degrees up. Microsoft has done this so that the camera is facing forwards when the kickstand is active. In saying this there is a kickstand implemented on the back of the tablet, Microsoft has spend a long time perfecting this kickstand just to sound like a luxury car door, and it actually does. Under the kickstand there is also a slot for an SD card. There is also a volume rocker, power button, 2 speakers, a microphone and a USB port. Yes this does mean you can plug in mouses, keyboards and even Xbox controllers.  Microsoft has also implemented a program allowing you to run your Xbox 360 through the tablet.

In conclusion the new Microsoft surface RT is an outstanding device in the tablet industry. With the release of the new Microsoft surface pro not too far away I’m sure that Microsoft will blow away the competition. With this being Microsoft’s first device in the tablet market it has been a pretty good one. I definitely recommend the Microsoft surface, you should check it out.