My Kurdish Story

What is your story? A question that should be asked every Kurd; Even though the answer is heartbreaking, everyone has a unique tale to tell.

The Kurdish people have suffered many atrocities throughout history from occupying countries and worldwide regional powers. From the beginning of time the Kurds have always been a peaceful people and advocates against injustice and tyranny.

Our history is tainted with genocides, massacres and bloodshed. From Mahabad to Hewler, Amed and Qamishlo, Kurdistan lives in the shadow of its own dark history. In spite of it all the Kurds and Kurdistan have always maintained their campaign for peace and the people of Kurdistan continue to fight the endless injustice.

Nissy’s #MyKurdishStory hashtag on twitter demonstrated that regardless of our dark history we are united in our pain and our solidarity and solitude for one another, and that is something decades of genocides and massacres cannot take away from us.

This year is the 25th anniversary of the Halabja Genocide and in order to commemorate not only the victims of Halabja but those whom have fallen victim to and continue to be victimized by the atrocities committed against the Kurdish people we will be making a global wide video to show unity and educate others about different atrocities committed against the Kurds throughout history.

Kurds from all over the world came together for the Unity Video last year and we need you to do it again this year, so join us by showing your unity and solidarity with Kurdistan. To join our campaign, please send in a clip of yourself speaking about:

–          What genocide means to?

–          How it has affected you personally?

–          Share a personal or non-personal story

Or simply speak about a certain event recent or in history. Other ideas most welcome!

The clips should be 2-5mins long and can be in either English or Kurdish, then send them into: or with your full name and country of residence by the 1st of March.

Yêk amanj û yêk xabat, Yêk derd û yêk wêlat!