Inside the Sony Xperia Z

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen something big from Sony’s mobile phone industry, but here we are. Finally with the new release of the Sony Xperia Z all you Sony lovers have something to indulge yourselves in. With its all new glass exterior and super smart interior, this new handheld device will be turning heads no matter where your loyalty stands. However, this little guy does have some competition from the all new HTC one, Samsung Galaxy s4 and the IPhone 5, but I think it can hold its own in the tough industry of smart phones.

The phone comes with a 5 inch 1080p touchscreen (unfortunately it is a TFT capacitive screen, LCD would have been nicer). With a pixel density of 441 PPI you really can’t see a pixel on the screen. With the new ‘Mobile Bravia Engine 2’ you can really notice those vibrant colours more than anything. Dimensions come in with a height of 5.47 inches, a width of 2.80 inches and a width of 0.31 inches. Because of how thin the phone is there are some head issues, but these are only applicable on constant use of games or multitasking. The phone doesn’t come with any capacitive home screen buttons, meaning constant use of the home button could become a big nuisance. The exterior of the phone is constructed of rugged mineral glass, proven to be a lot more shatter resistant than the glass used on both IPhones 4 and 4s. On the right side of the phone we have the speaker grill, volume rocker and the power on/off switch. At the top of the phone there is the headphone jack and on the bottom is nothing but glass. The left side of the phone comes with a micro SD slot, micro USB port and a charging dock. It also has a 13 megapixel back facing camera and a 2.2 megapixel front facing camera. Did I also mention that its waterproof? Hear that ladies? No more bathroom ‘accidents’ and coffee catch up nightmares!

Now for the insides of this wonderful beast, obviously the device comes with the new Android jelly bean (Version 4.1.2). When hardware comes into consideration this beautiful device is no joke. With a Snapdragon Quad-core 1.5 Gigahertz CPU, this little machine packs a punch. Obviously the phone has a Qualcomm chipset and an Adreno 320 GPU. With a score of 2050 on ‘geek bench’ it is highly evident that this slim device can handle any games from the play store with ease. The phone, along with most smartphones also comes with an Accelerometer, Gyro scope and proximity sensor.

Now let’s talk battery times. Unfortunately this device has a horrible battery life, you can almost sense the life draining away from the phone with every minute you spend using it. Talk time is said to be about 14 hours, but with so many multitasking features running in the background you can only expect about 9. Standby is reported to be around 500 hours but again with all the background features you can only really expect around 400.

With this phone coming at around $550 (AUS) it really is a bang for buck device. Not only is it extremely stylish, it comes with amazing graphics, a trusted Operating system, Decent hardware and the amazing quality you can only expect from Sony. Honestly I personally would kill for this phone, but then again I would kill for a lot of things so unfortunately I can only give it a rating of 3 out of 5.