Football: More than Just a Sport

As we grow up, we play football, basketball, volleyball, and table tennis. We play baseball and ride bicycles. We swim, run, and do everything else at our home, in the streets, in our schools and universities. We compete head to head and shoulder to shoulder with our friends and colleagues.

We buy new brand shoes, socks, shirts and prepare ourselves for the battle. We challenge each other and try to win in every possible way. We feel proud when we win and burst into tears when we lose. We give and take; we explore other areas of life, build solid friendship, increase personal confidence and preserve our wellness.

All the aspects of playing games will eventually have constructive impacts on our personality. We learn to make queues and respect other’s choices and decisions. There are endless social, emotional, and physical benefits of playing. A prime example of this is football.
The most important social benefits of playing football, is a deep sense of belonging, cooperation and teamwork. Football allows us to be more flexible and gain wonderful social skills. It helps us to become more active in communication and effective in our relationship with friends and family. Additionally, football makes it easy to get integrated into other’s way of thinking through scrutinizing their reactions and behavior.

Football enriches personal and emotional spheres of life. It lifts us up and makes us better people. Our spirit of forgiveness grows immensely and we communicate with ourselves more effectively. In addition, our self-respect and self-esteem develop and our level of stress declines, though the pressure is inevitable sometimes and preparing for the game is both physically and mentally demanding.

Football unites and balances all the parts of our body and feeds our muscles and bones. Before going to the training camp or stadium, we are desperate to meet all the necessary preparations and we are fully disadvantaged when the game isn’t ran in our favour. That being said, football, by nature, needs training and exercise; so, we get rid of anxiety and loneliness. Blood pressure gets better and health risks deteriorate.

All in all, we lose and shout, cry and yell, fall on the ground and feel the pain, win and celebrate; as a result, we undergo change and vent tension. Football brings us into a new perspective of life where serenity, commitment, discipline, strength, reliability, and responsibility, are the most observable characteristics of our personality.