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It has now been a few years since the Arab spring has reached Syria and due to the countries complex political, ethnic and sectarian divisions, what started as a peaceful uprising against the Syrian regime, has now turned into an outright civil war. The current state of civil war has left a power vacuum in the country, something that the foreign jihadists have taken advantage of and have set up areas of Sharia governing, while the civilian population are forced to obey or face being killed. A few months ago these jihadists started to attack Kurdish populated areas in Western Kurdistan [Northern Syria], and dragged the Kurdish areas into their dirty war.

It’s been a few months since the Kurdish nation; specifically in West Kurdistan has been brutally attacked by these radical groups. The effects of these attacks have resulted in many losing their lives, hundreds wounded and many others homeless. The attack against the Kurdish nation has been a gruesome reminder of the tragedies which the Kurdish people have been constantly subjected to throughout history and still are in some parts of Kurdistan. We are a nation greatly affected by genocide and know all too well of the silence of international communities.

Today more than ever the people of West Kurdistan need the help of its fellow brethren and the international community all over the world.
It is the responsibility of every single one of us to stand side by side in solidarity with the innocent people of West Kurdistan and Syria against the inhumane treatment of civilians by all parties involved.

With this pledge we strongly denounced the massacre in West Kurdistan, and we state it is the right of its people to own a regional government to help them achieve justice in reclaiming their human rights, peace and dignity. We reiterate that it is the sole right of every Kurd to survive.

Make this pledge with us today and demand human rights, justice and peace for all human beings. Send a message to Rojava: You are not alone.

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ئێوه ته نیا نین

له چه ند هەفتەی ڕابردوو گەلی کورد لە ڕۆژئاوای کوردستان که وتوه ته به ر هێرشی دڕندانه‌ی چه ند تاقمێکی توند ڕه و. هۆی هێرش کردنی ئه م گروپه توندڕه وانه به دوای شکست هێنانیان  له به رانبه ر هیزه کوردیه کان له چه ند ناوچەێکی ڕۆژئاوای کوردستان ده ستی پێکردووه.  له ئاکامی ئه مه سیاسه ته کۆ مه ڵکوژیە به‌ ده‌یان  پیاو و ژن و منداڵی کورد قەڵاچۆکران، به‌ سه‌دانیان تووشی برینداری  بوونه وه و ژمارێکی زۆریش له ترسی کوشتن و ڕفاندنیان ئاواره بوونه.
ئەم کردەوە قێزەونانە له دژی گه له که مان  جارێکی دیکە مێژووی ئه نفال له باشور، قاڕنێ و قەڵاتان لە ڕۆژهەڵات و ده رسیم له باکووری نیشتمانمان بیر دەخاتەوە.
ئه مڕۆ زۆرتر له هه رکاتێکی تر کورده انی رۆژئاوا پێویستیان به یارمه تی ئێمه ی کورد هەیە. ئه مه ئه رکێکی نیشتیمانیه که هه ر تاکێکی کورد و بە تایبه ت پارت و ڕێکخراوە کوردیه کانی سه رتاسەری کوردستان له هه رڕێگه ێکه وه که بۆێان ده کرێت  پشتیوانی له مافی ڕه وای  کوردانی ڕۆژئاوا بکات و یارمه تی ده ریان بن به هه موو شێوه ێک.
ئێمه کوشتن و دەربەدرە کردنی  هاونیشتمانانی کورد لە ڕۆژئاوای کوردستان بە تووندی ئیدانەو مەحکووم دەکەین و پشتیوانی خۆمان له‌ ویست و ئیراده‌ی خۆبه‌ڕێوه‌بردنی خوشک و برایانمان له‌ رۆژئاوای  کوردستان بۆ ده‌ست هێنان و جێگیر کردنی مافه‌ نه‌ته‌‌وه‌ییه‌کانیان راده گه ێنین.‌

Your pledge will be forwarded to the following international diplomats around the world. With a strong united front we can make our message stronger and clearer:

President of the European Council – Mr. Herman Van Rompuy
United States Secretary of State – Mr. John Forbes Kerry
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Russia) – Mr. Sergei Lavrov
Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs – Mr. William Hague
Foreign Minister of Australia – Mr. Bob Carr


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